Business description

We are planning and managing the sales event of craft products, such as “Nihon no Shokunin-ten”, ”Nihon no Monozukuri-ten”. The events are held in all over the department store and shopping mall in Japan. We hold more than 100 events per year.

Our company has provided events where customers can meet directly with over 1000 craftsmen from all over Japan, since its foundation in 1997.

 “100 events per year”” 1000 craftsmen from all over Japan”, These networks are the assets and strengths of “Aizawa planning Co., Ltd”.

Corporate Philosophy

“Tradition and Innovation”

The craftsman who protects the traditional techniques that have been passed down through the ages and pass them on to the next generation.

We support such craftsmen.

The craftsman who feels the necessity for “innovation” that fits with the times, and who evolves the own traditional techniques with new ideas.

We also support such craftsmen.

“Made in Japan”

We would like to protect the amazing traditional techniques and products made in Japan, and to pass on the techniques of the craftsmen to the future.

For that reason, it is important that many people use Japanese craft products.

Craftsmen who are creators and customers who are users…

We hope that the craftsmen and customers will have many good encounters through our event “Nihon no Shokunin-ten” and ”Nihon no Monozukuri-ten”.

That is the mission and wish of us.

A new initiative

Consumer behavior has changed significantly over the past few years as society has changed.

There is a rapid increase in demand for people who want to enjoy shopping without visiting a store.

In order to meet that demand, we have built a system that allows customers to “shopping while staying at home” as a new sales channel.

Also we are distributing videos of the craftsmen’s workshops and production scenes on YouTube, and we are working on sales outside of stores in conjunction with online shopping at department stores.

In addition, we are actively developing live commerce, where live distribution and sales are conducted overseas from the venue during the “Shokunin-ten”.

As a result, not only customers visiting the event, but also customers at home and overseas customers can now enjoy the atmosphere of the “Shokunin-ten”.

We will continue to evolve steadily in step with the times.


“Shokunin-ten” is a popular event where you can see the faces of the craftsmen, where the craftsmen themselves stand at the storefront, explain and introduce the products directly to customers, and sell them.

Production demonstrations and production experience workshop are also available.

Advertisements, venue drawings, event proposals, operation during the exhibition period, settlement work, etc. We provide practical and consulting services for all events.

Aizawa Planning propose events with the ability to attract customers and disseminate culture by combining various projects and special features.

If you are considering holding a craft event that conveys the charm of Japanese manufacturing and disseminates Japanese culture, we would appreciate it if you could contact Aizawa Planning.


We visit craftsmen’s workshops all over Japan and interview them about their particular techniques and the history and culture that they have cultivated over the years.

We would appreciate it if you could feel closer to the craftsmen by watching this channel.

For details, please check from the menu button “職人百貨店ch(YouTube)”.

To those who would like to work with us

If you are a craftsman who is interested in exhibiting at an event, or a person in charge of a department store or shopping mall, please contact us from the “Contact” page on our website.

We will contact you shortly.

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